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Clean Room Coving

Clean Room Coving is employed to create fully flush corner passages and broadloom wall-to-floor as well as wall-to-ceiling connections. By obviating corners, this coving system enables total "clean-ability." The product can be clipped with an extruded coving that supplies a large radius. It works with an extruded clip that can be affixed to either wall or ceiling overheads. This work as the panel base that feature an extruded aluminum track to evaluate both epoxy floor recesses or VCT floor coving, by making a sealed, radius transition between the wall and floor. While originally planned for the PharmaSystem, rit can adapt to several PortaFab wall systems with less maintenance needed  and simple replacement. Supplied with an aesthetic look & appeal, it is applicative for Pharmaceutical & Bio-tech industry as well as Microbiology Labs.
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Aluminium Coving

Price: 310 INR/Meter


  •     Material : Aluminium
  •     Kind : PVC Plastic Sheet
  •     Water Absorption : 0.01%

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PVC Coving

Price: 150 INR/Meter


  •     Application: Wall
  •     Material: PVC
  •     Thickness: 2-15mm