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Changing Room Furnitures
Changing room is the imperative part of every clothing store. However, it would be great for the customers to install our Changing Room Furniture range for their consumers' convenience and comfort.
Air Handling Units
The provided Air Handling Units are structured in tempered and tough steel material. This units keep a close tab on air temperature and pressure for perfect performance under every working condition.
Laminar Air Flow Unit
Our Laminar Air Flow Unit is mainly a unit or tissue culture hood that is precautionary enclosed bench outlined to forestall impurities of biological samples, semiconductor wafers or any particle materials.
Static and Dynamic Pass Box
This Static and Dynamic Pass Box is acknowledged for transferring material among two clean atmospheres that are equivalently cleaned. It is outlined to operate with least worker movement while passing through the materials.
Modular Clean Room Panels
The offered Modular Clean Room Panels help the customers to remove moisture as well as dust from various gas and air mediums in distinctive stages of numerous air handling units and allied instruments.
 Clean Room Coving
Our Clean Room Coving is utilized to make completely flush corner transitions, wall-to-floor connections and smooth wall-to-ceiling connections. The ceiling joints and wall are cemented together to give better results.
Clean Room Lighting
Varied production environments, laboratories and hospitals demand our Clean Room Lighting that delivers pure light. The provided light is dust safe, simple to clean and leaves zero space for failures.
Metal Pallets
Metal Pallets are widely used for heavy loads, long term dry storage, high stacking loads etc. These are also suitable for military ammunition. Our offered products are usually made up of stainless steel, aluminum and carbon steel.

Wash Basin with Trolley
Wash Basin with Trolley is designed for washing dishes and hands. It is accustomed with taps which supply cold and hot water. This product provides robust construction, longer service life and anti-corrosive nature.
Acoustic Enclosure
Acoustic Enclosure is most commonly used for reducing, attenuating and minimizing the noise which is created by machinery and other equipment. It has a strong structure which provides high strength and corrosion resistance. 
Clean Room Light Fixtures
Clean Room Light Fixtures are found in industries and commercial sectors for lighting up spaces. These are known for their low energy consumption and longer functional life.
Air Shower
Air Shower is utilized in clean rooms for the removal of fibrous lint, dust and other contaminants by using high pressure. It is easy to use, highly reliable and ensures high performance efficiency.

Pharmaceuticals Equipment
Pharmaceuticals Equipment is used in performing different kinds of surgeries. These are compact in size which makes the application convenient. Offered products are handy and robust in construction.
SS Ducting
SS Ducting is found in commercial, pharmaceutical and industrial areas. It is made by using top grade stainless steel metal and advanced technology. This product provides high performance efficiency and maximum durability.
Filter Cleaning Station
Filter Cleaning Station is known for its high performance efficiency, flawless appearance, easy utilization and sturdy construction. It is highly reliable and used for cleaning filters in a hassle free manner.
Terminal Filter Boxes
Terminal Filter Boxes are used in several applications such as pharmaceutical, biological, medical and other industries. These are used for making the air quality better as well as breathable.
Return Air Risers
Return Air Risers are mostly used to collect the returned air in a specific and confined manner in order to maintain a perfect laminar flow. These are manufactured using anodized aluminum and are further powder coated.
Swirl Diffusers
Swirl Diffusers have excellent volume flow rate range and the installed diffuser face is made up of galvanized sheet steel which is powder-coated . These tend to ease the supply and extract air. These are quiet suitable for variable and constant volume flows.

Bag In Bag Out Housings
The Bag In Bag Out Housings are kind of side servicing filters housing which are designed to match the air filtration requirements of industries and further research facilities which handle hazardous or toxic biological, radiological or carcinogenic materials.
Drain Traps
Drain Traps are basically the P-trap installed products which are placed under the sinks in your bathroom and kitchens.  These are actually the plumbing fixtures which has several purposes. These have traps debris which has drained from the sink.

Biological Safety Cabinets
Biological Safety Cabinets are also termed as biological safety cabinet / microbiological safety cabinet. These are enclosed, ventilated laboratory workspace which are made for safely working along with the materials and are mixed with pathogens needing a confined biosafety level.

Storage Lockers
Storage Lockers offered by us are known for their supreme quality and are very helpful in storing your valuables or belongings. The product is very cost effective and also durable.

O Rab Frame
Offered o-rab frames are mainly used to protect the personnel along with the workers from the harmful chemicals and many other materials. These frames are quiet sturdy as well as rust proof.
Industrial Benches
Industrial Benches are most talked about due to their perfect finishing and also because these offer flat and even surfaces to the user place be settled or place other objects.

Movable Ladder
Movable Ladder are easy to move from one place to another and are foldable easily. These have excellent ability to endure heavy loads. The thickness of the product is 1.2 mm.
Plate Exposure Stands & SOP Stands
Plate Exposure Stands & SOP Stands are very easy to install and requires very less maintenance. The longer service span is one of the important point as to why these are globally appreciated by the users.