Changing Room Furnitures
Changing room is the imperative part of every clothing store. However, it would be great for the customers to install our Changing Room Furniture range for their consumers' convenience and comfort.
Air Handling Units
The provided Air Handling Units are structured in tempered and tough steel material. This units keep a close tab on air temperature and pressure for perfect performance under every working condition.
Laminar Air Flow Unit
Our Laminar Air Flow Unit is mainly a unit or tissue culture hood that is precautionary enclosed bench outlined to forestall impurities of biological samples, semiconductor wafers or any particle materials.
Static and Dynamic Pass Box
This Static and Dynamic Pass Box is acknowledged for transferring material among two clean atmospheres that are equivalently cleaned. It is outlined to operate with least worker movement while passing through the materials.
Modular Clean Room Panels
The offered Modular Clean Room Panels help the customers to remove moisture as well as dust from various gas and air mediums in distinctive stages of numerous air handling units and allied instruments.
 Clean Room Coving
Our Clean Room Coving is utilized to make completely flush corner transitions, wall-to-floor connections and smooth wall-to-ceiling connections. The ceiling joints and wall are cemented together to give better results.
Clean Room Lighting
Varied production environments, laboratories and hospitals demand our Clean Room Lighting that delivers pure light. The provided light is dust safe, simple to clean and leaves zero space for failures.