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Air Handling Units

We are dealing in high-quality Air handling Units, which are functional as the factory-made encased fabrication included with fan or fans and many other essential equipment so as to perform in one or more than one functions of cleaning, heating, circulating, cooling, humidifying, mixing and dehumidifying of air. These are the devices employed to regulate and circulate air as the part of a ventilating, heating and air-conditioning (HVAC) system. These are usually the large metal boxes contained with a blower, cooling or heating elements. These units are usually connected to a duct-work ventilation system which administer the conditioned air. These Air handling Unit are capable to control the Temperature, Humidity, Air Movement and Air Cleanliness parameters of the space.
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Exhaust Air Unit

Price: 100000.00 INR/Piece


  •     Refrigerant : R22 and R410
  •     Cooling capacity : 3.2-32 kw
  •     Fresh Air Volume : 500-4000 m3/h

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Clean Air System

Price: 100000.00 INR/Piece


  •     Function : Anti-static
  •     Material : Metal
  •     Surface Treatment : HPL/PVC Finish
  •     Size : 600x600 mm

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Air Washer

Price: 80000 INR/Piece


  •     Motor Brand : Glow max
  •     Machine Type : Fully Automatic
  •     Air Volume : Greater than 50 m3/h

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Single Decker Air Handling Unit

Price: 100000.00 INR/Piece


  •     Mounting : Horizontal/Vertical/Modular/Ceiling
  •     Dehumidification : Rotary Wheel Type
  •     Function : Cooling/Heating/Air Purification/Dehumidification

Product Image (AHU-01)

Air Handling Unit - Double Decker

Price: 125000.0 INR/Piece


  •     Mounting : Floor Standing
  •     Air Tube Material : Galvanized Sheet
  •     Operating Voltage : 380/400 VAC