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Laminar Air Flow Unit

Provided Laminar Air Flow Cabinet is a cautiously enclosed bench made to prevent contamination of biological samples, semiconductor wafers, or all particle sensitive materials. The air is made via a HEPA filter that is blown in a much smooth, laminar flow towards the user. On account of the direction of air flow, the sample is secured from the user but the user is not protected from the sampling. The cabinet is usually fabricated of stainless steel with no spaces or joints where spores might roll up. These have a UV-C germicidal lamp that are specially made to sterilize the interior as well as contents before utilization to prevent taint of experiment. The Laminar Air Flow Cabinet is rendered with extensive permanence as well as operational practicality.
Product Image (08)

Reverse Laminar Air Flow Unit

Price: 100000.00 INR/Unit


  •     Noise : 63 db
  •     Material : Stainless Steel
  •     Flow Direction : Cross Flow

Product Image (09)

Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Unit

Price: 98000 INR/Unit


  •     Display : LED Display
  •     Material : Stainless Steel
  •     Intensity of illumination : 300 Lux 

Product Image (VLAF-03)

Vertical Laminar Air Flow Unit

Price: 100000.00 INR/Piece


  •     Noise : 65 dB
  •     Internal Size : 1340(W) x 580(D) x 540(H) mm
  •     External Size : 1440(W) x 600(D) x1730(H) mm